Silk Museum of Soufli (PIOP), Soufli (GR)

December 2023 - June 2024

The mulberry tree, the sacred tree in Soufli, is the inspiration behind the exhibition titled “Morus”, which attempts a dialogue between recorded history and oral narratives about silk. The group of artists titled “Morus project” explores the artistic, social, historical and ecological dimensions of silk, starting with domestic sericulture, from the creation of the thread to the weaving process. In direct dialogue with the objects in the permanent exhibition of the Silk Museum, selected works by artists Hanna Norrna, Irini Gonou and Kleopatra Tsali highlight elements of the area's material culture, such as the architecture and clothing choices of the inhabitants, as well as elements that make up the intangible cultural heritage.

Reeling tools in the permanent exhibition

Silk moth stuck in metamorphosis I

Tender trees (the nun)