The binder uses her senses as gates, through which she throws the bonds. Her perception is bound by the softness of the flesh. Born out of the body. The weaving is bound by the relation between tense and loose materials, and in the binder’s body the same tense and loose connections appear: those between fear and devotion, anxiety and conviction.
The separation is sticky. She hangs on to an idea of scales, of distance between weaving and reality. The distance seems defined by closeness, as the weaving is binded by threads that cross and split, open and close.

Hanna Norrna works with weaving as an alchemical formula and ritual gesture - an intertwining of silent knowledge and spirituality, mythology and materiality. Her practice touches how craft, passion, vulnerability, body and sanctity are connected and claims its space.
In the loom, reference material from mystics, historians and philosophers is translated into systems of bindings in threads of silk, metal and hair. The woven material expands in dialogue with site specific details and sculptural works in stone, wood and bronze.